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// Working with a $200 budget to refresh your living room? Where to spend your money when you have a small budget (part 2)!

May 17, 2022

Continuing last week's conversation: if I only have $100 but want to do a living room re-fresh, is it better to save and wait or are there things I can change now within this budget? Part 2...what if my budget was $200?

$200...not much more than last week's $100, but definitely an improvement!

But when you're wanting BIG CHANGE in your living room and you have a tiny budget to start with, even with an extra $100 to spend it's not going to bring about big change...right? WRONG!

In today's episode I share two options for re-freshing your living room with a $200 budget. Option 1: a continuation of what we did for Sarah, last week. If you missed that episode, listen here: 

Option 2: spending $200 at once. What are good options for a living room re-fresh when you're working with that budget?

* Paint: but you need to start with a color palette (listen here for how to create one)

* Lighting: enhance the mood with some ambient lighting and ditch the builder grade overhead light fixtures to bring in lighting with your personality

* Small Anchor Pieces: not sure what those are? Go back and listen to the episode where I flip BUDGET on its head, making it not only imaginable but fully possible for you to create a home you love with the budget you have. Listen here.

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* Feeling BRAVE? Post a picture of YOUR living room in the Facebook Community with the caption $200 and I'll suggest budget-friendly change specific to you (*I will do this for the first 5 people who comment with a picture. Offer expires 6/1/2022).

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