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// If I only had $100 to spend in my living room, what would I do?! A specific guide to shopping for BIG impact change when you have a small budget!

May 10, 2022

"I only have $100 to spend on my living room upgrade. Is it worth it? Should I make any changes at all or save it for later?"

Those were the questions I received from Sara when she approached me with questions about using her small budget. Sara was in for a BIG surprise when I mentioned how I would spend every penny in order to make mighty change in her living room. 

          Step 1: ditch the pillows that came with the couch

          Step 2: purchase new pillows

          Step 3: use left over money to buy plants because plants go with   



When listening to this episode, you may want to grab a notebook and pen because I not only tell Sara how I would make BIG impact change in her living room, I tell her where I would source the products in order to honor her $100 budget. 


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