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98 // Is being stuck in indecision and overwhelm keeping you STUCK in home design? Knowing WHERE to start begins with this ONE question…

July 22, 2022

In this three part mini series you will be able to identify where you are on the continuum of STARTING in home design. 

Are you...STUCK in constant indecision, overwhelm and limiting beliefs while living in a home that you know doesn't inspire you, but you believe you don't have the tools, knowledge or money to do anything about it? (part 1)

Are you...READY to start telling your family's story with your style, but you don't know what the first step is? Do you paint the walls, move the furniture or buy the art first? And WHY do you constantly go shopping, find the cute thing, bring it home cause you know it will be perfect in your home, then once it's there you hate it? (part 2)

Are you...well on your way crafting and CREATING a home that serves you and your family with a space that you know is a reflection of you, but would like a little more understanding and guidance knowing how to pull it all together? (part 3)

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THIS WEEK (part 1): staying stuck in INACTION doesn't mean you have to stay stuck. Often we are bound my misperceptions, miscommunication or lack of skill or knowledge. Once we ask ourselves WHY we continue to sit in inaction that's when the movement truly begins. 


5 Home Secrets to Elevating your Home This Weekend:


Back 2 Basics (in home design): 5 day FREE mini course




Way to take the FIRST STEP into action! See you next week!!




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