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95 // Does your home have to smell like pie to feel cozy? A conversation with author and the Queen of Cozy, Liz Marie Galvan.

June 30, 2022

On today's podcast I'm joined by special guest Liz Marie Galvan, author of and bestselling author of Cozy White Cottage and Cozy White Cottage: Seasons. She's also the co-owner of The Found Cottage, her home decor boutique. She blogs daily about life on her farm, their 1800s fixer-upper farmhouse, her latest DIY project, even about their adoption journey. 

In our conversation today, we talk about what cozy means to Liz Marie and how cozy can be translated and re-created in any home, any space, any corner. Liz Marie shares tips on creating intentional cozy spaces for kids and how to create cozy spaces outdoors.

You can connect with Liz Marie on her blog at:

follow her daily stories on Instagram @lizmariegalvan or read her book, anywhere books are sold. 

I hope you are inspired by today's conversation!



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