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// Celebration Week // Design questions asked and answered…with a twist, featuring special guest and good sport, Greg!

June 17, 2022

Questions! Questions! Questions! 

You know you have a 'keeper' when you can play a public game of Stump Greg to see what he knows about home design! Before the podcast went live a year ago, we played on Instagram and it was a fan favorite! Bringing it back today - Podcast style. 


The questions I'm asking Greg are questions I received from listeners and have already answered either on a Quick Tip Tuesday or on the blog at Today...I'm asking Greg some of these same questions to see what he would advise! He's been taking great notes throughout the year and has some wonderful answers!

Enjoy today's silly version of having FUN while celebrating a year of podcasting! Next week we're bringing back the regularly scheduled content.

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Thank you for celebrating with me this week - it's been a joy!!





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