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// The NUMBER ONE thing keeping home owners from creating a home they love is actually a MYTH: a conversation with Jessica Velasquez from Interiors By Jessica!

June 9, 2022

Today's conversation is with interior designer Jessica Velasquez from Interiors By Jessica. Her combined experience in real estate and interior design are the foundation behind her mission: serving first time home owners!

Jessica believes that first time home owners are an under-served demographic who often times get stuck believing that their homes aren't good enough to invest in and that their budgets are too small to make any reasonable change. 

We talk candidly about:

* imposter syndrome as designers working in the industry

* understanding your aesthetic and unique design code

* identifying your intention and any limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

* the importance of creating a road map that leads toward design

* how critical communication is when hiring an interior designer


* the philosophy behind creating, respecting and utilizing a budget no matter HOW SMALL


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