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// Scale REALLY does matter: guidelines to consider when choosing a chandelier for your home.

June 7, 2022

Scale matters!

In so many facets of home design, having the appropriate scale will help your room feel 'just right' or sometimes not right at all. So what scale should we be thinking when it's time to choose a chandelier for a room? How about choosing a chandelier for hanging over a dining room or kitchen table? 

If you're in the market for a chandelier, you may want to take some notes, grab your calculator and be ready to do some serious math. Not hard math, but seriously, yes, you'll need to do some math. 

General guidelines:

     * For a room:

      1. Add the width of the room + the length of the room

      2. Take that number, remove the ft. label and instead place inches.

      3. That number in inches should be the diameter of the chandelier for 

          your room. (ex. 12' + 12' = 24' / 24" diameter chandelier)

     * For hanging above a dining room or kitchen table:

      1. Measure your table in inches

      2. The diameter of your chandelier should be no closer to 12" from all

         edges of your table

      3. For example: table measurement 42" x 80" 

         (42-24 = 18" diameter chandelier)

         But if you want it to be rectangle:

         (80-24 = 56" the length of the chandelier)


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