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// Imposter syndrome keeping you stuck?? How about Pinterest Paralysis? Instagram Comparison-itis? These 6 things can help you move out of stuck-ness and in to action!

June 2, 2022

"When I have my forever home, I'll..."

"I hate that piece, but I can't ..."

"But it won't look like that picture I saw..."

"If I paint my room this color, so and so won't like it..."

"I'll just wait to buy nice furniture when the kids are out of the house..."


Have you ever said one (or more) of these things? If you have, you may have Imposter Syndrome, Pinterest Paralysis, Instagram Comparison-itis or a combination of all three. 

In today's episode I share a little more about my own journey into podcasting and how I overcame the Imposter Syndrome that was keeping me stuck and out of action. I share the 6 questions I ask myself when I want to move in action, whether it's toward a dream I have, a scary goal or when it comes to making change in home decorating. 

1. Will it bring value and joy to your life (and that of your family or the people you share your life with)?

2. Are you making this choice for you or for them?

3. What if we fast forward ten years and took a peek back at today...what would you tell yourself?

4. Are you striving for perfection or progress?

5. What's the worst that can happen?

6. Prepare to be surprised!


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