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Before you ask ALL your friends on social media for advice on how to decorate your home, you need to consider these three things!

May 3, 2022

Cousin Larry will say he has the same problem decorating his house.

Susan down the street will give you advice about using traditional design elements like Tiffany lamps and doilies.

Rhonda across town will tell you everything looks better in purple and lime green. 


Asking your 500 friends on social media for design advice is basically inviting:

* a headache

* confusion

* indecision

* frustration

* overwhelm


Not only that, making a public declaration that you are accepting the opinion of 500 people will likely mean that you'll be receiving the opinion of 500 people! If you don't already have a grasp of your design aesthetic before placing your all-call, imagine the work you'll need to do to comb through 500 opinions just to try to BEGIN to see your own. 


In today's episode I share three reasons why casting a wide net of design advice is a BAD idea and what you could do instead. The number ONE thing you can do? Learn your aesthetic. Becoming a student of design allows you the freedom to learn your aesthetic, and sister friend, your aesthetic is as unique to you as your fingerprints. Learning your aesthetic allows you to:

* make design decisions with confidence

* get out of the overwhelm in home design

* stop the cycle of buying and returning because you're not sure once you get it home

* appreciate different styles in the store without making the mistake of buying them and bringing them home


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