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108 // ”My home doesn’t feel put together!” 5 ways to create a cohesive look in your home.

September 29, 2022

Does your home look "put together?"

Creating a cohesive look to your home can make your home look AND FEEL more cozy. These five steps will help you to create a look of cohesiveness as you decorate your home.


1. Create a color paletteUsing the formula 60 (foundation color) + 30 (primary accent color) + 10 (secondary accent color) will help you navigate the color flow of an open concept space. Play around with the ratios of your accent colors. Do you want three? Great - your formula could be 70 + 10 + 10 + 10. 

2. Use those colors from your palette as accents in decorating: pillows, rugs, frames, books, artwork...the colors you chose for your color palette should be represented throughout your room's design.

3. Look for the outlier (a.k.a. BULLY): standing in one vantage point look around to all areas/rooms. Do you spot something that doesn't quite fit in with the color palette? Something that sticks out like a sore thumb? That's your BULLY and the only thing a bully does is bring down the room's design.

4. Remediate the bully: you can remediate the bully by removing it and letting it live somewhere else where it will play nicely with other design elements within the space OR repeat design elements that the bully has somewhere else within the room so that bully isn't an outlier. 

5. Repeat generalized design elements & specific design elements: repeating design elements like color, metals and woods is just scratching the surface of creating a cohesive looking home. Try taking it a level deeper and repeat design elements that might be a bit more subtle. For example: the succulent artwork you have in the corner of your room. You're not only repeating the colors, but maybe you're repeating the plant itself with a live succulent sitting on the coffee table or the same geometric shape of the plant pot in the art as the candle holder sitting on the mantel. 


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