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104 // Budget = DIY, right? But what if I’m terrible at doing projects on my own? 6 tips for growing your DIY confidence and your skillset!

September 8, 2022

When people think of creating a home on a budget, their minds automatically go to DIY. But what if the only thing you can DIY is a Popsicle stick frame? There's no denying doing things yourself can save you money, but not if you're wasting money by:

buying the supplies and never finishing a project 


 starting a project that's outside your wheelhouse 


6 ways to build your DIY confidence and skillset:

1. Start small

Choose a DIY project that is where your skillset is currently, not where you want it to be.

2. Choose a deadline 

Make that deadline a REALISTIC deadline. If you work all day and tote kids all over tarnation at night, choose a deadline that respects the obligations you have so you can finish it in the time you can dedicate to it. THEN...tell a friend your goals and deadline so they can check in on your progress.

3. Only purchase supplies for ONE project at a time

Seeing supplies for unfinished projects only serves one purpose: it's a reminder that you've tried and failed. It reinforces the idea that you're no good at DIYing. That's a lie. 

4. Finish and COMPLETE the project before moving on to the next one

5. Do some research or take a class, but be sure to TRUST the source

Set yourself up for success by doing a little research before starting the project. Know what you're getting into before starting and have a plan in case you get stuck along the way. Got your information from a blogger...can you email the blogger if you're stuck and need help? See the man down the street always building something...can you ask him for help if you need it?

6. Respect your learning style

Knowing how you learn best, then seeking out information that will teach you in that format will set you up for DIY success!


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Happy DIYing!



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