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103 // Is there ONE thing you can do to re-fresh your kitchen on a budget? Quick Tip Tuesday is answering that question and the short answer…YES!!!

September 6, 2022

Everyone needs a summer break, including Quick Tip Tuesdays, but today they are back!


In today's episode I am answering Erica's question...

Do you have any quick, inexpensive ideas for a kitchen re-fresh?


Re-freshing a space, any space, in your home can be as easy as FREE if you focus on reducing the visual chaos (aka clutter) that takes up precious real estate in your home. In your kitchen alone, there are three clutter hotspots:

* refrigerators

* above kitchen cabinets

* countertops


How do you eliminate clutter when you know SOMEDAY you may just use that bread machine that has been wedged so far in the corner that you've forgotten about it for the past 22 years? You may just use it. Right? Right? Maybe. In today's episode I share tips for how to prioritize what stays on the counters and what goes, as well as what gets priority in the front and center of your cabinets and cupboards. 


Happy Styling!





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